UKIP People Tweet the Stupidest Things

lenny henry

Lenworth George “Lenny” Henry, CBE

In the latest poll for The Times, UKIP is in first place, three points ahead of Labour.

The mainstream media and parties are now so concerned about the threat from UKIP that they scour Twitter for any off-colour (pun intended) comment they can use to their advantage.

A UKIP candidate has defended tweets in which he said comedian Lenny Henry should emigrate to a “black country” and compared Islam to the Third Reich.

William Henwood, who is standing in a council election, said he did not think the messages were offensive.

He tweeted after Henry said there should be more black and ethnic minority people in creative industries.

Lenny Henry has been complaining that there aren’t enough black and Asian people on British telly and has been meeting with the bigwigs to try to redress this apparent ‘inequality’, hoping that something is done before calling on his hordes to stop paying the licence fee.

Something encouraging which I hadn’t heard about before:

The BBC is already deeply concerned about the financial implications of the proposed decriminalisation of the licence fee, a measure which has cross-party support but is subject to a review.

But you can understand why Henry has been a darling at the BBC for so long, despite his often mediocre material. He’s the right type. Or the right-on type,

But Mr Henry said he wanted the viewing public to put pressure on politicians to force the pace of change. “All of those people in the audience who watch those shows and complain that there aren’t enough black and Asian (people), and gay and women and people with disabilities and transgender…they need to start lobbying, to start writing letters, they need to start emailing,” he said in an interview with the influential broadcast industry group The TV Collective.

I was under the impression that LGBT people were already well over-represented in the British media. I don’t know if there is a British equivalent of the American GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Network Responsibility Index, but the 2013 results were extremely impressive, considering these people make up only a couple of percent of the population,

The Network Responsibility Index rates LGBT content on networks during the 2012-2013 TV season that wrapped earlier this year.

GLAAD found FOX was the most inclusive broadcast network with 42% of primetime programming hours having included LGBT images and earning FOX a rating of Good. Each network is reviewed on a scale of Excellent, Good, Adequate, or Failing. ABC came in second place for the number of inclusive hours at 33% and also earned a score of Good. On cable, ABC Family was the most inclusive network GLAAD tracked last year with 50% of its original programming including LGBT impressions or storylines. It was followed by FX at 40%. History received a Failing grade with no LGBT images on any of its shows last season.

No networks received a rating of Excellent this year, indicating the need for more diverse LGBT characters and stories.

Good: ABC, ABC Family, The CW, FOX, MTV, NBC, Showtime

Adequate: CBS, FX, HBO, TLC, TNT, USA

Failing: History, TBS

You have to wonder what it takes to ‘earn’ an Excellent rating. 100% LGBT material, perhaps?

I also wonder how much family life is portrayed positively by the media? Hardly any from what I remember. Are there repeats of The Waltons at all?

But why is the occasional UKIP candidate this media un-savvy? Surely they know that the MSM and traitor parties will milk it for all they can. Are they double agents or just thick?

Reading the comments under the Huffington Post’s Facebook piece on it was depressing.  There are so many comments like ‘UKIP is the BNP for the middle class’ and ‘you’d need to have had a lobotomy to vote for them’, etc.

And anyway, why do blacks and Asians join forces [black and ethnic minority (BAME)]. I remember a line from Grange Hill decades ago about racism. One of the child characters was, I think, writing an article for the school mag and wanted the headline to read something like ‘Black and Asian children come together to call for an end to racism’ then another child said that some blacks and Asians don’t get along, so they changed the title to ‘Black pupils; Asian pupils, call for….’ or words to that effect.

Of course many ‘Asian’ peoples can’t stand the sight of each other, so it’s all expediency.

I went to see Henry before he was really famous – after he did that ‘Three of a Kind’ or whatever it was called with Tracey Ullman and David Copperfield (not the illusionist). It was at the North Pier in Blackpool, circa 1985. Copperfield was there, but not Ullman. One of his first ‘jokes’ was ‘There’s a big party in from Glasgow tonight (where I’m from)….you’ll find them under your seats”. I assume the joke was that we’d all be drunk already. It took me years to get to like him again after that!

Now that he’s not the big star he once was (I assume, not having had telly for nearly a decade), I imagine he needs something like this to feed his ego.

What you can read in the Times’ article without subscribing tells you why UKIP are in front,

The prime minister was struggling to contain a growing Eurosceptic tide last night as he faced calls from Conservative MPs and the public to take a tougher line with Brussels to counter the UKIP threat.

Senior Tory backbenchers disclosed that they would visit Downing Street after the vote on May 22 to demand that Cameron outline much more extensive plans for the repatriation of powers from Brussels.

But Cameron will put himself on collision course with his party after privately dismissing their concerns and vowing not to give an inch — even if the Tories are humiliated in the European elections.

As for Labour, Ed Miliband is for them what David Moyes was for Manchester United.

All they can do to try to disguise their contempt for the people of this country is to attack the people who care about it. Hopefully more and more voters are becoming wise to it all.


To finish on a lighter note. I couldn’t find a video of it, but my favourite Lenry Henry joke is when he is talking about his visits to Jamaica. The people are so laid back that air traffic control at Kingston Airport has an answerphone: “We’re sorry, but nobody is here right now. Everybody’s down at the beach. Please land your airplane after the beep”.

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2 Responses to UKIP People Tweet the Stupidest Things

  1. Radical Rodent says:

    Perhaps you could advise Lenny Henry and others to read this post:

    On the back of which, might I raise a question: could it be that those who want to run a country are really not the sort of people who are suitable to run any country?

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    I don’t know the people he’s talking about (Trayvon Martin, etc.), but it’s true about white people not self-identifying by their colour. Although, in the UK, the fake patriot groups seem to be encouraging it. Well, they would. They’re playing the divide and conquer game.

    Why aren’t there more black people on the telly? I don’t know. I’m sure the BBC and C4 especially would be only too willing to exhibit their multiculti credentials were they available to act or interview. Maybe they’d rather follow other paths, like Premier League football.

    Why are there loads of black players and hardly any Asians? There’s obviously nothing ‘racist’ involved. What gets me is that there are very few Brits (of any skin tone) playing for the top teams.

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