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Today’s the Day the Ukippers Have Their Picnic?

If you go down to the booths today… As the nation – or a fraction of it – goes to the polls today to vote for the next round of MEPs, we could be in for a big surprise, as … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Dear Real Street

I have just noticed that this blog turned five two days ago. What have I achieved with all that effort? Very little, I imagine, but I suppose that’s all anyone can expect in a world of competing ideas and where … Continue reading


The Hypocrisy of the BBC in Sacking N-word DJ

As you have probably read, “veteran” BBC Radio Devon presenter, David Lowe, has been sacked for inadvertently (we assume) playing a version of The Sun Has Got His Hat On which had “nigger” in the lyrics. It is a very … Continue reading

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Private Armies and Police Forces in Banana Republic Britain

The Atholl Highlanders is the only private army in the UK and apparently in Europe. The British Army, of course, has become a giant band of mercenaries. The private army of the globalists for reining in the Muslim world. Because … Continue reading

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Miliband’s Health Fascism

First, I read about Labour’s manifesto plans leaked to The Mail on Sunday from Leg-iron, who rightly says that they are targeting their own core voters. He says of Miliband, I think he’s fallen for his lobbyists’ hype. All the … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Say

It’s what the social engineers wanted: a people so scared they would adopt a politically correct stance for fear of reprisals. We seem to be getting there quickly. The picture above is the home page of the Express website during … Continue reading


Channel 4 Offers an Example of How the Mainstream Media Hate UKIP’s Success

At the time of writing, 3am (awake due to sick dog howling like a banshee), this is considered the main news on the Channel 4 website. Not the main UK news or most pertinent politics news even, but the most … Continue reading