Happy Birthday, Dear Real Street

happy-birthday-cake-5I have just noticed that this blog turned five two days ago.

What have I achieved with all that effort? Very little, I imagine, but I suppose that’s all anyone can expect in a world of competing ideas and where the mainstream media and political parties have nearly all the money to spend on mind control and where the ‘alternative’ media is likely dominated by frauds like Alex Jones and David Icke, deliberately making a mockery of ‘conspiracy theories’ with their outlandish behaviour and fearmongering (in Jones’s case) and crazy claims (in Icke’s).

The posts which have gathered the most comments here are invariably about two topics: homosexuality and Creationism vs evolution theory. Hackles rise and in the case of commentators who are pro-homosexual and pro-evolution theory, much name-calling and general rudeness is guaranteed.

Strange that, when the Creationists and traditionalists can debate like civilised adults and those who are sitting on the fence can ask pertinent questions.

I used to try and post every day, but due to some recent bad health and pressure from work, it has been a struggle posting anywhere near regularly at times, so the long strings of comments which I used to get have practically dried up.

Plenty of people are still coming to the blog, but not sure if it’s a wise use of my time. We seem to have reached the stage where direct action is called for. I don’t mean rioting like the (probably) stage-managed, establishment-owned groups like Occupy, but to give ourselves a good hard slap and start visiting, telephoning, writing, emailing, faxing people and not stopping until we get justice.

This includes reporting the likes of Blair, Cameron and Clegg for treason.

It means hounding politicians and the other frauds who do not represent us nor our country.

It means boycotting the mainstream media.

For those able, it means standing up to the thugs of establishment-controlled groups like Hope Not Hate and the other haters of everything British.

It helps being thoughtful and inventive and maybe even a bit brave!

And using the right words helps. Calling people names is very, very tempting, but an intelligent response and a knowledge of the law and of history is far more conducive to getting results.

And results are what we need before it really is too late.


The picture of the cake was sponged off this website.

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday, Dear Real Street

  1. Leg-iron says:

    Happy belated birthday.

    I get the same effect – the most animated discussion is set off by subjects involving religion/science and (to a lesser extent) homosexuality.

    As I am disinterested in both arguments, although very interested in the views expressed, I admit I sometimes light the blue touch paper and stand well back ;)

    Sometimes, in between the name-calling and the hammered-to-extinction keyboards, little snippets of useful information appear. Maybe one day they will form a coherent whole.

    On the matter of creation, I would very much like to know whether the universe spontaneously invented itself or whether someone set it going. Which is true is of no consequence to me, I am not old enough to have noticed any change and am not likely to get old enough to notice. Still it is a matter of great interest.

    Perhaps because, if this is all some kind of generated reality created by a higher power, might he not by now be hovering his finger over the ‘reset’ button?

    Or perhaps… ‘delete’?

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Thank you. I think the topics which generally attract the most interest anywhere are those which have been the main ‘beneficiaries’ of mass mind control, so that would also include the climate con and the EU. Those who believe whatever the government and ‘experts’ tell them seem to have been programmed to be rude and arrogant in the certain knowledge that they are correct, but without ever having studied these things or even thought about them.

    The Universe spontaneously appeared either way. Either God spoke it into existence or as most scientists believe, nothing exploded to become everything.

    The ‘reset’ button will very soon be pressed. I believe we are in the last days, as evidenced by the greatly increased sin in the world and that means that the wheat and tares will be separated.

    The ones who get deleted won’t really be deleted. The wheat won’t see them because the tares will be in a place of unimaginable and eternal horror.

  3. Flaxen Saxon says:

    Stewart, less is more. Often the kernel of the message is lost in verbiage. Anyway, regardless your succinct opinion is required at my place. My last post concerns evolution and I’m sure you would like express an opinion, as long as it is informed opinion. http://flaxensaxon.blogspot.co.nz/

    • Stewart Cowan says:

      I didn’t know you were a Kiwi. One of the most compelling Creationist speakers, Dr Jonathan Sarfati, although born in Oz, lived in NZ for a while and became NZ chess champion.

      For fun he regularly plays up to 12 people simultaneously – blindfold. Apparently, his best result is winning 11 out of 11.

      I’ll try and read your blog post and put you right where necessary!

      P.S. When has my opinion not been “informed”?

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