Ambulances without Paramedics on Some 999 Calls to Save Money

There is a new money-saving plan now operating where some ambulances are attending 999 calls without a trained paramedic on board.

A few years ago we had the first plastic policemen aka Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), now we’re getting acrylic ambulance men.

What next? Fibreglass firemen?

Ambulances staffed only by lesser-qualified Emergency Care Assistants (ECAs) will now be responding to incidents in Yorkshire – including the most serious emergencies.

Unions have slammed the move, calling it “deeply concerning”, while ambulance workers said they would not want their relatives being attended by one of the non-paramedic teams.

One staff member, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “I would not want to stand there and watch as the unqualified, untrained, inadequate ambulance response did nothing but watch with me as my relative worsened and possibly died.”

This is a poster on the Yorkshire Conservatives’ blog from about four months before the 2010 general election:

Here is a picture of William Hague unveiling the poster to a gullible nation in the Morley & Outwood constituency.

hague_poster_nhsThis is Ed Balls’ constituency. The latest witterings on his website are under the heading, Only Labour can offer the long-term economic plan Britain needs.

No comment from me is required other than that routine would be more suited to the Comedy Store. This person, who has been ‘championing’ sex ‘education’ for five year-olds for years, is obviously seriously deluded (to put it mildly). But that’s beside the point regarding this post. Well, actually, there is a connection. There seems to be a correlation between more detailed sex ‘education’ directed at increasingly younger pupils and increased rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases which cost the NHS (taxpayer).

Back on topic and the issue of ambulances without paramedics on emergency calls has been going on for a while. Here is a story from Suffolk from five months ago:

Medical support staff with as little as six weeks training are responding to thousands of emergency 999 calls instead of qualified paramedics at the East of England Ambulance Service, it can be revealed.

This is because, according to the National Careers Service:

Emergency care assistants are usually on AfC band 3, earning between around £16,271 and £19,268.

Extra allowances to reward out of hours, shift and overtime working.


Qualified paramedics start on AfC band 5, earning between £21,388 and £27,901 a year.

Senior paramedics (also known as emergency care practitioners) and team leaders will be on AfC band 6 and can earn up to £34,500 a year.

Additional allowances may be paid to staff in certain parts of the country and to those working on standby or in shift patterns.

Saving all this money can make it possible to add yet another tier of NHS (mis)management!

But while the Department of Health is paying GPs’ surgeries to nanny us to death with such things as schemes and payments to encourage people to stop smoking and while the money is there for procedures which really shouldn’t have to be paid for by the taxpayer, like when Thomas wants to become Thomasina and gets the full physical makeover, the most basic requirements of the ‘health’ service are neglected: paramedics on ambulances and proper hygiene in hospitals.

How many managers are required to make sure there are enough bottles of disinfectant and a sufficient number of cleaners to administer it?

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2 Responses to Ambulances without Paramedics on Some 999 Calls to Save Money

  1. Leg-iron says:

    Sounds like you might as well get a taxi to Casualty. Then they’ll refuse to see you because, as you didn’t arrive in an ambulance, the tickbox sheet says you aren’t an emergency.

    As for cleaning, little Local Shop is far cleaner than any hospital because they have a PhD in microbiology cleaning in there. It’s pathogen lab standard. All the hospitals have are mop-jockeys run by an outside firm that gives not a single shit as long as they get paid.

    I’ll wager those contract cleaners are not allowed to touch anything potentially infectious. They will not be trained for it nor will they be insured for the risk. So they cannot clean up anything that leaks out of a patient. The nurses will be doing more cleaning than the cleaners. Which takes time away from their real job, so more patients eject their lunch before the nurse has finished cleaning up the first one, which sends the death-spiral of the NHS spinning faster and faster.

    With nurses no needed to be trained to degree level, why do they need all those managers? The nurses know what to do. The managers don’t.

    It’s all going to fall apart, and soon.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    The taxi driver might be better trained in first aid. I was thinking about you when I wrote about dirty hospitals. Not with Leg-iron as Matron!

    I think the managers are there to make up rules to make as many lives as miserable as they’re allowed to get away with.

    My MSP had asked the local area Health Board to aid my case. They claimed to be powerless. My ex-councillor friend, who used to have to work with these characters, told me that the Health Board’s job is to protect the NHS, not the patient. A friend who works for the NHS says they don’t look after their staff either and she’s the last person I would expect to make such a comment. In the same conversation she told me off for calling my doctor a ‘leprechaun’. It’s not Christian to call people names. I told her I’ve called him much worse.

    The sooner the NHS implodes the sooner we can get an actual health service. Bring it on. Round this way, where they find it hard to attract staff due to the remoteness, we end up with even lower grade doctors than normal.

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