Stop the Saudi Crucifixion

While the UK is disgusted/amused/bemused by the revelations of an alleged encounter of a sexual nature between David Cameron and a pig’s head, his pals in Saudi Arabia are planning to behead and then ‘crucify’ the body of 17 year-old Ali al-Nimr for demonstrating against the power-mad, amoral and psychotically tetchy regime there.

Please sign the petition and send an email to Michael Gove here.

Incidentally, our Ministry of Justice is bidding to provide support to the Saudi prisons service. More blood money from the Arab world to our morally repugnant swine in government.

You can contact the Saudi Ambassador to the UK in London.

You can contact our man in Riyadh here. (They are closed today, 23rd, for ‘Saudi National Day’).

A Saudi official has just been given a top human rights job at the UN:

THE United Nations (UN) has been attacked over the “scandalous” appointment of a Saudi Arabia official to a top human rights job – despite the repressive regime having beheaded more people this year than Islamic State.

Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr is also due to be killed at any moment on apparently trumped-up charges.

Help stop the rot.

UPDATE 8:41pm – I have just noticed this Statement from The Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in London about someone called Raif Badawi. I don’t know who he is or what he has allegedly done, but the statement says:

In response to recent statements by various countries and international organisations regarding the case of Saudi citizen Raif Badawi, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia wishes to state that it has no tolerance for foreign entities meddling in the Kingdom’s internal affairs. The Kingdom will not tolerate such outrageous, ridiculous interference in its sovereign criminal justice system.

It is important to note that the case in question was administered according to legitimate Saudi statutes by a respected Saudi judge whose task is to execute the laws of the country. The Kingdom upholds and protects the independent status of its judiciary and the equal treatment of all its citizens.

According to HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf, Saudi Ambassador to the United Kingdom, “the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia works to foster positive relations between the Kingdom and the UK. To do so, we support the independence of other countries’ legal systems. Hence, we expect the same respect for the decisions of our court system as we accord the court system of other nations.”

In short, Saudi Arabia strongly condemns foreign parties intruding into its internal affairs. Sovereignty is absolute, and it should be treated with the utmost respect. As it would expect any other nation to do, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia categorically rejects any form of external pressure that any entity may bring to bear upon its legal process.

Do you think they have good reason to be this paranoid? I expect they have many good reasons. The country is infamous for callous legal decisions, no doubt made by “respected Saudi judge[s]”.

Sorry, Saudis, but your sins shall find you out. The tyranny which exists in your country demands that decent people throughout the world expose your ways and intervene in your affairs.

As for your assertion that “sovereignty is absolute”, this is a lie. You are a member of the United Nations, which does not allow for such a situation to exist.

If you treat your people with respect then the rest of the world will treat you with respect and there will be no need to issue such petulant statements in the future.

If you are going to behead teenagers for wanting more freedom or thrash women half to death for being raped then expect “external pressure” and exposure of your “justice” system as long as you continue in your barbarous ways which do not belong in the 21st century or in any other century.


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