Failed in Wales

I have just watched the debate on the EU referendum between the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, and Nigel Farage.

This is the first time I have really heard Carwyn Jones. I don’t know if he has a nickname, but an apt one would be “Get Yer Facts Right!”.

This is rich coming from someone who either really doesn’t ‘get it’ or is playing stupid in order to stick to Labour Party policy in order to keep his job.

I don’t know how many times he talked about the importance of his “nation”, Wales, and how “proud” (comes before destruction, Get Yer Facts Right) he is of it, yet he is dead against “nationhood”.

The poor man is deluded; possibly schizophrenic, seeing as he is proud to be Welsh, British and European. I’m surprised he didn’t say he was proud to come from Earth.

He is so busy being proud that he fails to see (or wilfully ignores the fact) that his “nation” (without nationhood, because that’s bad!) has prostrated itself at the feet of the EU.

I couldn’t help notice his initial aggressive body language, which seemed to diminish when it became apparent that the majority of the audience wasn’t buying his tired old propaganda.

He is so “proud” of his nation-without-nationhood that he is desperate to cling onto the increasingly despotic EU for handouts to farmers and others and wants us to believe that all the big companies will move out of Wales after we leave the EU.

Didn’t that happen about thirty years ago? Remember the “Not the Nine O’Clock News” song, “Failed in Wales”, about the many companies, including the steel works, that went bust?

What good did being a member of the EEC do Wales then?

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