Notes from a Small Island: Referendum Journey’s End

EU referendum

To our fallen in wars who defended our freedoms: “At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them”. What better way to honour them today than to vote LEAVE?

Today’s the day the voters have their pick, Nick.

Nick Clegg has engaged in some last minute scaremongering, because he is probably aware that most people will have been completely ignoring him since his attempt at being in government.

As I wrote on his Facebook page,

I give you credit; you never give up with the baloney. Why don’t you buy your wife some cheap perfume and take her out for some spaghetti? You can discuss a new career for yourself – perhaps open a boutique or an art gallery?

If I wake up to find out we’re leaving, I will be able to smell the flowers again, enjoy raindrops rolling down my cheeks, give my loose change to children and hearty handshakes to neighbours I’ve neglected.

If I can reactivate the muscles in my face to produce a thing called a smile, I can bring joy to the brokenhearted, brighten the day of a lonely pensioner and skip down the road singing, “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”.

I will relish being free again. Free from ‘Project Fear’ and its lies and distractions designed to make this country and our people look like incompetent and stupid yokels who need unelected nannies to tell us what we can and cannot do.

I hope to wake up to a glorious new start for the United Kingdom and a chance to be a shining star in the world, rather than an abused partner in a decaying club of elitist control freaks.


Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours arguing on Twitter with SNP supporters. I was told to stop being so ‘angry’. The general tone of the many tweets I was receiving from people who weren’t even following me, was arrogance and ignorance in about equal measure. An SNP MP and an MSP joined in.

The arguments put forward among the ad hominem comments – the sneering contempt for me dressed up as ‘debate’ – were the ones they have been conditioned to parrot over the past months, such as the idea that we need to be in the EU to trade with them and that the EU has brought us “70 years of peace”.

Ridiculous old chestnuts that even a passing interest in economics and history would see written off as non-arguments.

The EU cannot be “reformed” as wishful thinkers keep on wishfully thinking. Correction: it is being continually reformed, but in the sense that it constantly gets worse. More freedoms lost; more jobs lost; more taxes; more debt; more moral decline; more collapse of society.

We have nothing at all to lose and everything to gain by voting to leave – if the Establishment will honour the result.

The first step is in making sure that the result is to leave the EU.

Then another new journey will begin as we rediscover our country, repeal tons of destructive, overbearing EU legislation and trade with the world on favourable terms.

If anyone believes that the EU policymakers actually care about people, please read this.


If you still aren’t convinced:

‘Reunification of Europe’ – Martin Schulz, the European Parliament President, on an important step towards reunification.

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Ten reasons to leave the EU

Why the European Union MUST be dissolved - Who will be left to ‘stand alone’ when it all goes wrong next time?

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