No Small Beer

LagerIn fact, no beer at all now for many pub-goers due to the Scottish Government’s tougher new limit:

The new law came into effect in December, bringing the drink driving limit down from 80mg to 50mg in every 100ml of blood – effectively ending the time-honoured tradition of an after-work pint. Drivers have also been warned that having “no alcohol at all” is the only way to avoid criminalization.

The SNP is everything I said it was before the “independence” referendum: mad on EU control, PC to remove our freedoms and anti-human “sustainability”. It is as if Scotland is a testing ground for new ideas on people control. They have recently taken another major step towards State ownership of all children with GIRFEC (Getting It Right For Every Child) and as always, it is presented as care and concern.

The Getting it right approach includes making a Named Person available for every child, from birth until their 18th birthday (or beyond, if they are still in school).

Like the totalitarians they are, they are trying to prevent people from gathering. Notice the threat: Drivers have also been warned that having “no alcohol at all” is the only way to avoid criminalization.

Two months into the ban a survey of the Scottish hospitality sector suggested that business at bars across the nation had seen sales drop by an astonishing 60 per cent

Pubs help keep communities together, as well as providing much employment. But they are being destroyed along with the rest of our society.

As Paul Waterson, chief executive of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, told The Independent, the new law is “a form of prohibition,” stopping people having a drink at lunchtime, on the way home from work or even going out for a meal.

“We feel it’s had an effect far worse than the smoking ban had in 2006. There’s questions being asked about the future of the trade – it’s probably the last nail in the coffin for independent operators.”

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government said the country was “leading the way across the UK”, and Northern Ireland is already considering following Scotland.

Strange how those who stamp on their people are always “leading the way”. Only in the West, though. When the Chinese or Muslims enact their own draconian laws, it’s a different matter. Dozens of African countries refuse to legalise homosexual behaviour. Our politicians go nuts from their fortresses on the moral high ground they think they live in. How dare these countries refuse to destroy the fabric of their own cultures by order of a few hypocrites thousands of miles away?

The SNP are forecast to take five out of every six seats at the Election. True, Labour has been the favoured party in Scotland for a long time and what good have they done for us, but the SNP seem like an order of magnitude worse, although, at the end of the day, I’m sure all of the main parties will, in turn, deliver us to the same place.

Until or unless people wake up and take control.

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God at Elections

He isn’t given a second thought when it’s time to vote. At election time the NHS becomes “god”. Bow down and worship your golden calf; choose wisely the politicians who will lead us to the promised land of the world’s finest health service, free at the point of delivery. It is always the most important topic, every politician promising it will be “safe in their hands” and that the others will allow it to go to rack and ruin or privatise it, trusting that the masses have not noticed that it is already ruined and that the Tories and Labour have both been engaged in the unthinkable act of allowing private companies to make money out of the national idol. Labour are possibly the worse of the two, having cost the taxpayer heavily through their PFI schemes.

Alastair Campbell famously made Labour’s position clear some years ago, when he intervened with, “We don’t do God” when Tony Blair was asked about his faith.

I watched the recent two-hour long “Leaders’ Debate” where the Malignant Seven – the leaders of the seven main parties – battled it out over the usual bog-standard questions.

To be fair, they didn’t all come across as poisonous as Cameron, Clegg and Miliband. The Green woman [Googles name], Natalie Bennett, was the most attractive and it is hard to believe she is 49. Unfortunately, her partner is Jim Jepps, a left-wing activist.

But as Nigel Farage said in his opening statement, the other six parties are basically the same.

God was not mentioned on the programme. The NHS was mentioned a lot, especially by Ed Miliband.

Natalie Bennett and the Plaid Cymru leader [back to Google], Leanne Wood, both came across as caring and to the uninitiated, possible breaths of fresh air compared with the LibLabCon Party. But their parties seem just as unsavoury as the rest.

I think we waited nearly an hour for the first applause and it was for Leanne Wood who responded to Nigel Farage’s point about HIV and the cost to the NHS from health tourists. She gave him a wholesome-sounding rebuke.

The golden calf is for everyone in the world, think some people. These same people probably complain when they have to wait an age for treatment.

These two ladies seemed nice; filled with humanity. I would prefer to think they are politically naive rather than deliberately playing the same game as the rest.

I was very disappointed with Nigel Farage. He really was a one trick pony and could have endeared himself to millions by explaining himself better and by talking about other issues than just immigrants.

The other woman on the panel was Nicola Sturgeon who was confident and knowledgeable about the Tories’ and Labour’s past misdemeanours. She said there was a better way than more austerity. Being leader of possibly the world’s most politically correct party, she came out with the classic, “Diversity is one of our greatest strengths”.

No, dear; common bonds and shared values strengthen.

I think there were only about three rounds of applause for leaders’ comments in the whole sorry affair, one for Nick Clegg, believe it or not. He mentioned the wonders of the EU and its freedom of movement. I don’t know of anyone who has gone to Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Baltic States, Poland or Croatia for a job. He must mean that all the movement to the UK to strengthen us with diversity is what is wonderful.

Nick Clegg doesn’t “do God” either. He “came out” as a non-believer shortly after being elected Lib Dem leader in 2007, although his wife is Catholic and his children are being brought up in the faith.

Ed Miliband had Jewish parents but was brought up in a Marxist home. “I am not religious but I am Jewish,” he says.

Miliband would be only the second prime minister of Jewish birth, the first being Tory, Benjamin Disraeli. Born to Italian-Jewish parents, in 1817 Disraeli’s father baptised his children as Christians. With Jews excluded from parliament until 1858, this enabled Disraeli to pursue a career that would otherwise have been denied him.

Infant baptism is anathema, but we can see how important Christianity once was, at a time of improving living and working conditions, of great inventions and building projects.

The MP William Wilberforce made major changes in his life on becoming an evangelical Christian and led him to be credited with ending slavery in the Empire. Pro-slavery types at the time insisted that politics and religion shouldn’t mix. Doesn’t that sound familiar today? People with vested interests do not want God and morals getting in the way.

Nigel Farage doesn’t “do God” either but he told The Guardian when asked about God, “I think there is something there, but that’s as far as it goes.” That mustard seed will hopefully grow. I don’t think he will be bowing before the NHS golden calf.

Uniquely, David Cameron said, almost exactly a year ago to the day, that Britain should be more confident about being a Christian country and use faith to “get out there and make a difference to people’s lives”.

Compare and contrast with an earlier statement he made. In 2008 he said that, as Boris Johnson had once said, “his religious faith is a bit like the reception for Magic FM in the Chilterns: it sort of comes and goes”.

If anything, I think that is nearer the truth, although I suspect he may be stuck in a spiritual tunnel and not be receiving Magic FM at all or he has snapped off the aerial. This is the creature who has created the situation where “austerity” measures have made already desperate people even more desperate with the use of such crass insults as ATOS “doctors” and the “bedroom tax” to squeeze the poorest even more.

He has cut our armed forces and left men living on the street and mentally ill due to the LibLabCon’s illicit warmongering.

Not only have we been witnessing a further loss of Christianity after five years of Cameron as PM ramping up political correctness, but he is further endangering our country with cuts in armed forces personnel. A report suggests that we could be heading for the smallest army in 250 years. In that two hour leaders’ debate, Cameron had the nerve to talk about the “security” he would bring to the country.

Cameron (the Christian, remember) decided that God was wrong in making woman for man and so legalised same-sex “marriage” in England.

And how many lies has he told? What about that “cast-iron guarantee” of an EU referendum?

Now, there’s none of us perfect, but come on! David Cameron is as much a Christian as Tony Blair was. That BBC article I linked to says that Blair has always been a man of deep Christian faith.

In between these two  characters we had Gordon “Son of the Manse” Brown as PM, who often spoke of how he got his “moral compass” from his father, a Church of Scotland minister. But they were the exceptions rather than the rule in the secular world of British politics.

In other words, this “moral compass” of his was about as effective as a cornflake rudder on the QE2.

I couldn’t tell you the last time we had a Christian Prime Minister. It sure wasn’t any of these three.
The more of our Judeo-Christian legacy we lose the worse our society becomes. Yuri Bezmenov talks about the man who discovered the link.

Not only did God not receive a mention in two hours with the top politicians desperate for our votes, but politicos and audience alike seemed sold on a secular, politically correct, grey world of being micro-managed and where we live in perpetual fear of climate change.

That’s why nothing will change for the better after this election. The people are behaving just as ex-KGB subversion agent Yuri Bezmenov used to encourage them to – to willingly accept their own enslavement.

But where will the next William Wilberforce come from, filled with Christian compassion, to set us free in a land where he would be an outcast, politically, for being too Christian?

We desperately need to get a grip on reality again and reinvent our country in the Judeo-Christian mould. This would mean the “progressives” being deprogrammed and the humanists stripped of their ill-gotten power, the BBC dismantled, freedom from the EU and many other anti-Christian organisations.

Remember when Abraham begged the Lord to preserve Sodom as long as there was a certain number of righteous people left in the city? Eventually, only Lot and his family were able to escape before its destruction. This is our destiny also if we continue to ignore God and do what is right in our own eyes.

As it was then and in the days of Noah, so will it be again if the Creator and Saviour are forgotten and we put our faith instead in the self-appointed humanist/Pagan guardians.


Smoking, Human Rights and Inhumane Health ‘Cleansers’

Smoking Menta lllness

“For decades, mental hospitals have allowed—or even encouraged—their patients to smoke, but no longer.”

It has been a while since my last post. A lot has been happening; a lot has gone wrong and a lot has gone right, but it has been a rollercoaster ride.

I do not wish to go into detail right now, but after a truly bizarre series of events I ended up spending a month in hospital – actually a psychiatric hospital to my surprise (perhaps more on that later).

No, it doesn’t mean that I am crazy or that my opinions are worth less than others because all sorts of otherwise ‘normal’ people were in hospital with me for all manner of conditions. If you are imagining lunacy and bedlam, I have to disappoint you. Mental health these days covers a very wide spectrum of complaints.

What I want to talk about is the smoking ban. Now, I wasn’t smoking in hospital, but the majority was. They had to go outside into the attractive (even in Winter) garden, but the door was closed at 10pm.

If you wanted a smoke after that: tough (you could take the chance in your room). If any patients were still in the communal area at midnight, we were ordered to bed and the staff could smoke any time they liked, but it’s the patients I want to discuss (and a total ban on staff smoking at work is imminent).

Most of the nursing staff ensured that the smokers were made aware at about 9.50 that it was time for their last cigarette of the night. One night, this wasn’t conveyed and one young man missed out by five or ten minutes because he had been in his room and hadn’t been alerted.

I told the nurse with the garden keys that most of the other nurses are easy going about it and don’t mind an extra ten minutes, plus the patient should have been forewarned. I was basically told that rules have to be obeyed and that it is the responsibility of the NHS to reduce smoking prevalence. Of course, tobacco can worsen a mental condition, but that’s another matter. With hackles raised, I dismissed her insulting assertion that the State should dictate how people live. I apologised the following night, when the discussion continued, but I suggested we agreed to disagree, as this was one brainwashed case that was never going to be reached.

This is because they think they own us, have a captive ‘audience’ and up here in Scotland, the control freaks in power are looking forward to a Smoke-free Scotland, by 2034, which means moving fast and inhumanely, so along with the plethora of non-smoking areas, they have started on patients in mental hospitals and now prison inmates, despite the fact that the smoking rates among both groups of people are very much more than the average. For many it is one of their very few pleasures and as I have said, they are held hostage to the situation.

It is particularly disturbing that so-called health professionals fail to recognise (or more likely, choose to ignore, in order to keep in line, politically) the trauma that stopping cold turkey can induce. These individuals have designated those hospitals, prisons and other places totally smoke-free, not for health reasons, but to fit in with the global pattern of a “smoke-free world”…

Even in Hartlepool,

HEALTH leaders (sic) …have been at the wacky backy again thrown their backing behind ambitious plans towards making smoking history.

Smoking campaigners Fresh North East unveiled their aspirations to have no more than five per cent of the region smoking by the year 2025.

These days, psychopaths and sociopaths abound in the “caring” professions. We know this as so many are without empathy for those they are condemning to their “smoke-free” wonderland which is never going to happen, because one day the walls of these regimes, north and south of the border and everywhere else on earth, will be brought down, like the Berlin Wall and freedom and perspective will reign again.

In 2010, I wrote about how the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) actually gives all the rights to the state/EU/UN or whatever other agencies our successive treasonous governments have signed us up to, like carbon reduction targets agreed (surrendered) at international conferences.

The UK must have the most pathetically kowtowing bunch on earth, the way they seem to implement every aspect of the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

Their website announces that Ireland has become the second country in the world to introduce plain packaging. Ireland are very close behind the UK in doffing their caps to the global planners, but the plain truth is that, far from “protecting children” (an excuse with an apparently permanent shelf life, regardless of the subject and regardless if it protects children or not), it is infantilising smokers and turning them into pariahas; more divide and conquer; more assaults on our freedoms; more demoralisation and denormalisation to lower our fighting spirit.

Surely the aforementioned European Convention on Human Rights should protect smokers? Their dignity? Their choice? Their comfort? About 20% of the adult UK population smokes and as I said it is far higher in prisons and mental hospitals. When you think of the far smaller minorities for whom enough cannot be done to satisfy their “lifestyles” you know it is politics at work.

Article 3 of the ECHR states that, No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

For many, being compelled to stop smoking by order there and then amounts to torture. I put it that many of our most vulnerable people are suffering contrary to the ECHR that the UK ratified in 1951. It does still apply, much as I would prefer to make our own arrangements based on Magna Carta and the 1689 Bill of Rights.

Article 4 states that, Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person (but not persons of unsound mind, alcoholics or drug addicts, or vagrants). Nothing about prisoners, though and not all people in mental hospitals have “unsound minds” by any means; in fact, many are there because of things like stress and depression and are often of above average intelligence. Anyway, if you do not have the liberty to smoke, you have no liberty. Again, I have to repeat that the UK is signed up to this document.

Article 8.1 states that, Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.  This is a biggie, tested in courts.

Whether in hospital or police or court custody, that space becomes their “private life” and “home”. The second part of the Article mentions, “There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except…for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

A smokers’ garden or room need not do any of these things. Policymakers who are obsessed with tiny amounts of secondhand smoke or “third hand smoke” residue on furniture or other surfaces should question what they hope to achieve in the area of health.

There have been many court cases. This one from September 2013,

The Scottish Court of Session has ruled that the prohibition of smoking and possession of tobacco products by patients at a mental hospital was unlawful. Whilst being careful to emphasise that this ruling did not spell out a specific right to smoke, the Court considered that the ban infringed the patients’ right to respect for home under Article 8.

The petitioner, a patient in a high security psychiatric hospital, sought judicial review of the policy adopted by the State Hospitals Board to ban smoking not just inside the hospital but also in the hospital grounds.  He claimed that the ban amounted to a breach of his right to respect for private life and home under Article 8, both as a stand‑alone claim and in combination with Article 14 (enjoyment of Convention rights without discrimination).

The petitioner further based his position on compassionate grounds, pointing out that there are few diversions available in the State Hospital; that he derived pleasure from smoking; and that as an individual with relatively few liberties the removal of his ability to smoke had had a disproportionately large impact on him.

The respondents countered that cigarette smoking was not an activity that attracted the protection of the Convention, and that even if it did, the smoking ban was a necessary and proportionate response in pursuit of a legitimate health aim.

The Court upheld the petitioner’s claim under Article 8, declaring the policy unlawful. The ban could not be justified as a legitimate response to the need to protect other patients from the petitioner’s cigarette smoke. In fact Lord Stewart went as far as to say that he viewed the decision to compel the petitioner to stop smoking as “flawed in every possible way”.

Implications of this ruling

Lord Stewart was at pains to make it clear that he was not endorsing the idea of a “human right to smoke”: there was, he said, no “right to smoke” in a legal sense. As such, this ruling should not be taken to endorse the smoking tendencies of future patients who are admitted to the State hospital in future.  The human rights issue was “about the petitioner’s human rights and no one else’s.”

Despite this caveat, it is difficult to see how this judgment can be so confined to its particular facts.”

Despite this ruling, from Lancashire last month,

COUNCIL chiefs and commissioners have backed a controversial move to ban smoking within the grounds of all the mental health facilities in East Lancashire.

The blanket rule, which was brought in last month across all sites run by Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, means patients detained under the Mental Health Act are forced to abstain from smoking during the course of their admission, as they are unable to leave the premises.

I don’t understand why more people don’t acquaint themselves with the law and so-called human rights legislation and take these brutish haters to the cleaners.

Picture and quote from here.


Inconvenient Information

First, some rare sanity – or pressure, more like – has seen NHS Devon reverse its decision not to carry out routine procedures like cataract and hernia operations on smokers who don’t stop and overweight people who don’t lose weight. Now on to the post…

Sometimes it seems like no lie is too big – if they think they can get away with it – to further the spread of socialism. Take this subject on which the “science is settled.” But wait a moment; what’s this? No Proof of Man-Made Climate Change, Says Greenpeace Co-founder.

Patrick Moore (not the monocled moon-gazer) told the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee,

There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years.

He co-founded Greenpeace in 1971, but left in 1986 after it made what he described as a “sharp turn to the political left ” and began espousing policies he could not longer support, though opposition to global warming was not then among them.

“Climate change was not an issue when I abandoned Greenpeace, but it certainly is now,” Moore said. But increases in the earth’s surface and atmospheric temperatures are nothing new, he reminded the senators, as he noted little correlation between increases in carbon dioxide emissions and a heating of the planet. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, he noted, has declared it “extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming trend since the mid-20th century. “

“‘Extremely likely’ is not a scientific term but rather a judgment as in a court of law,” Moore said. “The IPCC defines ‘extremely likely’ as a ’95-100% probability.’ But upon further examination it is clear that these numbers are not the result of any mathematical calculation or statistical analysis. They have been ‘invented’ as a construct within the IPCC report to express ‘expert judgment’, as determined by the IPCC contributors.” Projections based on “sophisticated computer models” have led to warnings of dire consequences from anticipated increases in temperatures worldwide, Moore said. The historical record suggests otherwise, he argued.

The piece goes into long-ages-speak, but more on that later.

The point of this post is that, these days, only the information used to support a cause is made widespread, through the media, schools and universities and what politicians are told by their specially chosen “advisors” and taxpayer-funded fake charities. The inconvenient evidence which points to the opposite is swept under the carpet.

With strict legislation on environmental matters, the powers that be can modify behaviour, increase taxation, corral the population into towns and cities and intensify global governance.

We more-or-less see the same happening in many other areas, such as the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Zimbabwe has just become the 180th party to sign up to its totalitarian ideals which national governments – or what remains of them – seem duty-bound to adopt.

Smoking bans are increasing in intensity all over the world because “the science is settled” that secondhand smoke is dangerous, yet there is no proof,

A large-scale study found no clear link between secondhand smoke and lung cancer.

You don’t need proof. You just need those fake charities and cherry-picked statistics from certain “studies” and complicit media and politicians unable to think for themselves and slowly emerges the society O’Brien tells Smith about in Nineteen Eighty-Four: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

If the evidence doesn’t fit, it is rejected, whether scientific studies or social studies. In order for socialism to conquer all, religion has to be defeated. As Lenin said, “Our programme necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.”

Faith schoolsare dramatically overrepresented among the best performers, but this cannot possibly be down to faith, can it?

Faith schools have repeatedly claimed that they get better results because of their strong religious ethos, high levels of pastoral assistance and support from churchgoing families.

But the disclosure is likely to renew the debate over the admissions policies used by faith schools.

The British Humanist Association has warned that schools are “unrepresentative” of their local communities, with large numbers of middle-class families conveniently finding God to secure places for their children.

Richy Thompson, BHA campaigns officer, said its own research had shown that top performing faith schools were “less inclusive” than their communities, particularly Catholic and Jewish schools.

The militant atheists/humanists/secularists have a prior commitment to a one size fits all ‘Utopia’ where the only belief system allowed is their own, so they must attack all other beliefs.

In the comments, “deolenitpikka” writes:

Faith seems to work. If any other intervention were as effective as faith in improving outcomes in both education and health, it would be promoted by government policy.

I said I would mention long ages. The Theory of Evolution is another fallacy based on false logic and lack of evidence. It has been in our consciousness for so long that it is considered that the “science is settled” but there isn’t a shred of evidence to prove that non-living chemicals formed the beginnings of life and that it therefore took billions of years to evolve into all the different animals and plants and people that have ever lived.

It is part of the indoctrination that aims to “teach” that we are simply evolved pond slime. It is easier to control people when they are led to believe this. I know; some people say that religion controls its followers and that is also usually true, but faith as outlined in the Gospels leads to freedom and strength. This is one reason socialist regimes always attack religion.

When religion and the family are destroyed, that leaves the State as the highest authority and our surrogate parent.


The NHS Must Go

Leg-iron has written: The NHS – now officially a protection racket after reading about NHS Devon’s plans to deny routine operations to smokers unless they stop smoking and the ‘obese’ unless they lose weight, despite the tax plus extra taxes smokers pay into the bloated wasteful system.

Harleyrider 1978 has just linked to the BBC article in a comment at Frank’s along with the link to the Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) which buys NHS services which over the next five years faces a £430m deficit,

To make the savings, the group is looking at… cutting routine operations for people who smoke or who are very overweight.

So, treatment not actually related to smoking or being overweight, just money to be saved by the further persecution of these two already dehumanised groups, which the rest of the population will be glad of if it means their chances of treatment are improved in a ‘survival of the fittest’ and self-preservation evolutionist/eugenicist frame of mind.

It should actually be unlawful for smokers to be denied healthcare on ANY grounds, as the price of cigarettes includes an additional levy specifically for the NHS.

And in the future?

An incoming Labour Government would give the NHS a £2.5bn injection, funded by a mansion tax, a levy on tobacco firms and closing tax loopholes exploited by hedge funds, Ed Miliband announced today.

That BBC article from four weeks ago links to this one from the previous week which states that the GP-led Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG proposes to,

Introduce criteria-based approval for routine procedures such as hernias, botox injections and cataracts.

That these ‘medical professionals’ and their financial henchmen would see certain groups suffering severe pain or going blind sums up, for me, their general attitude these days.

I could tell you about my recent personal experiences – nothing to do with smoking or obesity – just pure negligence and ignorance.

Discriminating against smokers is also very politically incorrect! There is a bill currently working its way through Parliament (which apparently won’t get passed) intended to make it unlawful for practitioners to offer counselling for unwanted same-sex desire. (even though people want to pay to get rid of this!). But targetting the same people for unwanted or wanted desire to smoke is fine and dandy, but hey, smoking is more politically incorrect.

Via an ASH download,

Smoking rates vary considerably between ethnic groups. In men, compared to the general population, rates are particularly high in the Black Caribbean (37%) and Bangladeshi (36%) populations but these differences are explained by socioeconomic differences between the groups.

Homosexuals are far more likely to smoke than heterosexuals. And are also apparently

…seven times more likely to take illegal drugs than the general population, with one in five of those surveyed showing signs of dependency on drugs or alcohol.

As Leg-iron advocates, the NHS has passed its sell-by date and must go. When the welfare state was begun in the 40s it was conceded that it could only be afforded when we had full employment and industrial output. Compare with today! Not only has our industry shrunk but the scope of the welfare protection racket has increased beyond all reason and has (clearly) become economically untenable.

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Golf, Urbanisation, GMO, Women’s Rights and Depopulation

Bill Gates depopulationIn an age of bans and many other losses of freedoms – first, the good news. I have just been reading about golf on Wikipedia,

The modern game originated in Scotland, where the first written record of golf is James II’s banning of the game in 1457, as an unwelcome distraction to learning archery.[7] James IV lifted the ban in 1502 when he became a golfer himself…

Bans don’t last forever. It just might take some time to get rid of them. Maybe in a few decades our rulers will be obese smokers and lay off the rest of us. It shows you how irrational and self-serving the elite have always been.

Although by that time (and this is the bad news) the “rest of us” may not be many. I got to thinking after reading this about Madagascar on today’s post by Frank Davis about an outbreak of the dreaded bacterium, Yersinia pestis there (thanks for inspiring another post, Frank),

First, cases have arrived in the capital, Antananarivo, a city of more than 2 million located in the center of the island.

Amazing, isn’t it, that a city probably unheard of by practically everyone has twice as many people as Birmingham (England) in a country which is 4½ times the size of England with less than half the population and doesn’t need to cram folk into cities. Neither do we, as less than 2% of the UK is built on, but postwar planning regulations have made living in the countryside far more difficult and expensive than it used to be. It is to be left primarily as a massive museum piece.

Having had a lifelong interest in geography, due to being given a Rand McNally atlas circa late 1960s, I have noticed that these capitals, much, much smaller when my interest began, are now mostly huge. From World Population Review,

Lagos has enjoyed tremendous growth, reaching 21 million from just 1.4 million as recently as 1970

European cities saw huge growth increases in the past with industrialisation, but in Antananarivo,

Formal sector job growth has not kept pace with population growth, and many residents earn their livelihood in the informal sector as street vendors and laborers.

In China, the proportion of the population living in cities doubled between 1990 and 2012.

My point is that, Worldwide, countries are being urbanised (greater control of people) and ‘Big Agri’ is gaining increasing amounts of land from small-time farmers, often by force, even though the productivity from small farmers is well above that of Big Agri.

I have already suggested that major depopulation under Agenda 21 could be carried out via the increased use of GM crops and the manipulation of seed prices and ‘suicide genes’ destroying whole crops. Farmland used for growing biofuels and left empty as investments could feed almost a billion people. Put it all together and as Henry Kissinger said,

Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.

He ought to know, being a major globalist. He is also quoted as saying,

Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.

Now we have various “Foundations” like the Gates’s going around the World suddenly “concerned” about “women’s rights”, which is just a cover for the promotion of contraception and abortion to reduce the population. “Family planning” (and the associated propaganda) has now left some Western countries, Japan and South Korea with serious problems to face due to their fertility rate being far too low for far too long.

The Gates’s are also big on Tobacco Control. China is one of their top areas of “concern”. Their solutions include:

Supporting implementation and enforcement of proven tobacco control policies: tobacco taxation, advertising bans, graphic warning labels, and smoke-free environments .

Most of which was covered in Frank’s post from yesterday about the new draconian measures proposed for China and which inspired my own post.

As I wrote yesterday, we have psychopaths running the world. Each and every one of their “good deeds” is covering up evil intentions, but despite being natural pathological liars who lack empathy and are incapable of feeling remorse, they get away with their incredible manipulation due to their ability to ooze fake charm. It greatly helps them that people generally are just too gullible and trusting.

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You Don’t Have To Be a Psychopath to Climb the Political or Corporate Ladder, But It Helps


Just look around you…

Again, Frank Davis has inspired me to write. Today he concentrates on the draconian legislation about to hit China’s 300 million smokers – they did ratify the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2005 – and about the Russian smoking ban’s first winter, where temperatures can fall to minus 40 degrees (Fahrenheit or centigrade; that’s where the scales coincide).

His post of 3rd November, “China is a Free Country“, is about China’s (then) relaxed attitude towards smoking. I commented,

“I wonder why they signed the FCTC. Maybe the persecution is just around the corner? I think they’ll have to ‘comply’ in the end because as the World Bank (part of the UN) says, “Lessons from Uruguay to achieve a smoke-free world”.

The UN’s plans are right out in the open and I don’t think they’ll stop until their “smoke-free world” is realised.

Anyway, I was lying in bed thinking about our smoking ban in mental hospitals in particular and now reading about the Russian ban and you can see that those running the world are psychopaths, as evidenced by their lack of empathy (for one thing).

In The Economics and Politics of the Psychopath, we read,

In a short paper by Clive R. Boddy, titled The Implications of Corporate Psychopaths for Business and Society, the Corporate Psychopath is defined as “those people working in corporations who are self-serving, opportunistic, ego-centric, ruthless and shameless but who can be charming, manipulative and ambitious.” Boddy claims that psychopaths “may theoretically be present in organizations at senior managerial levels in much larger numbers than their approximately 1% incidence in the general population would suggest….”

Boddy’s paper claims that “Corporate Psychopaths are drawn to corporations as sources of power, prestige and money.” However, these folks are a “threat to business performance and longevity because they put their own interests before those of the firm.” In other words, psychopaths seek out situations where their tyrannical behavior and exploitive abilities will be condoned or even admired without actually caring if the business they manage ultimately succeeds.

In my experience, the majority of GPs fit this description as well. Their salaries and pensions are so great compared to most public sector employees that they seem to put their own safety and comfort above everything. On top of this, we have the psychopaths at the Department of Health making life more difficult for the psychopathic doctors. Overseeing them all, we have the psychopaths at the WHO and EU who would rather do favours for their friends in Big Pharma than do what is right for the seven billion people they (the WHO) have under their power and then there’s the psychopaths who are behind the curtain running the show.

In a book titled Working With Monsters, Australian academic psychologist John Clarke shows how destructive psychopaths can be in the workplace. They present themselves as charming and efficient while, in reality, they are irresponsible and self-serving. Always in search of victims to enslave, the psychopath prefers to destroy rather than to build and should never be given authority over others. Yet, more often than we would like to admit, such people acquire positions of power for inflicting their petty tyranny on others.

In an age of colossal financial loss – of Ponzi schemes at the corporate and federal level – there must be, somewhere in upper management, more than a few psychopaths. The damage done by such people may be incalculable.

Robert Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist, Revised (PCL-R) is a commonly used psycho-diagnostic tool for assessing psychopathy today. He offered the following checklist of traits: (1) Interpersonal/Affective, (a) glibness/superficial charm, (b) grandiose sense of self-worth, (c) pathological lying, (d) cunning/manipulative, (e) lack of remorse or guilt, (f) shallow affect, (g) callousness, lack of empathy, (h) failure to accept responsibility for his or her own actions; (2) Lifestyle/Antisocial, (a) need for stimulation/proneness to boredom, (b) parasitic lifestyle, (c) lack of realistic long-term goals, (d) impulsiveness, (e) irresponsibility, (f) juvenile delinquency, (g) early behavior problems, (h) revocation of conditional release, and (i) criminal versatility.

I’m sure we’ve all met people who fit this description.

In the October 26 edition of the Chronicle Review, Kevin Dutton asked Robert Hare if modern society was “becoming more psychopathic?” Hare replied in the affirmative, citing “stuff going on nowadays that we wouldn’t have seen 20, even 10 years ago.

Recently, I have been involved with a few people, purportedly employed to help me, but have failed dismally then lied and then blamed me!

But the Corporate Psychopath may not be the greatest danger of our time. Arguably the most dangerous psychopaths stand outside business, determined to destroy capitalism from positions in government and the media. In her speech titled America’s Persecuted Minority: Big Business, Ayn Rand warned that negative talk about businessmen must be regarded with suspicion in the present age. “Every movement that seeks to enslave a country,” said Rand, “every dictatorship or potential dictatorship, needs some minority group as a scapegoat which it can blame for the nation’s troubles and use as a justification of its demands for dictatorial power. In Soviet Russia, the scapegoat was the bourgeoisie; in Nazi Germany, it was the Jewish people; in America, it is the businessman.”

For what is our modern politician but a charming manipulator with a calculating mind? What else can be made of the lack of accountability we find in politicians today, or the glib way in which they deflect questions and criticism? And what holds out the promise of power more than politics? If a psychopath seeks power in business, he may yet be stopped by that accounting which all private businesses must make. If he enters politics, he need only repeat the big lie while turning his charisma toward the media.

Psychopathy can be genetic. Certain families (not just royalty) for example, the Darwin–Wedgwood family (and their relationship with the Galton family), engage(d) in intermarriage. Many of them have been eugenicists through the generations and some MPs. I’m wondering if one of the purposes for intermarriage is to preserve the psychopathic element. You can obviously go a lot further without morals and consideration for others holding back your family’s ‘superior’ genetic code. From Psychology Today,

the PPI describes psychopaths as showing “blame externalization,” i.e. they blame others for events that are actually their fault. They may admit blame when forced into a corner, but these admissions are not accompanied by a sense of shame or remorse.

Seems standard practice in politics.

And ‘public health’? It’s all the fault of your ‘lifestyle’. It saves the ‘doctor’ worrying too much, although I’ve met few (there have been some) who show signs of concern, especially these days. Why should those who consider themselves to be gods (with superior genes, probably) be concerned about the rest of us? Same with politicians. Same with big businessmen/women.

Only psychopaths would deprive hospital patients of smoking. Only psychopaths would force people to stand outside in freezing weather. Only psychopaths with their lack of remorse and superficial charm could get away with it.


Picture borrowed from here.


Could the Labour and Tory Identity Crises Let in UKIP?

Today, Frank Davis points to the YouGov poll which shows UKIP more popular than Labour:

CON: 38%
UKIP: 28%
LAB: 25%
LIB-DEM: Missing, presumed dead.

Frank says,

I think all the mainstream political parties are facing identity crises. There’s very much a sense of fin de siècle in the air, that the old order is disintegrating.

He adds that Labour no longer represents working people. That’s true, unless they are coming from Eastern Europe and working for peanuts, undercutting our people, to keep down the costs for these champagne socialists’ wealthy corporate chummies.

The Conservatives no longer want to conserve. It’s become a progressive, modernising party.

He finishes with a remarkable quote from Polly Toynbee, who says that, “The trouble is that the sort of people who vote UKIP… often don’t watch the BBC News, don’t read newspapers that tell them the truth about where the parties stand.”

Dick Puddlecote has written about how out of touch Labour are, with Emily Thornberry’s snobbery about white van drivers and Labour’s leaked document about their healthist plans, including minimum alcohol prices and a ban on television adverts for ‘unhealthy’ food before 9pm.

Thornberry did the country a favour by showing that Labour don’t have the first clue about people in general. For Miliband to claim that his party respects the working class – while his party members furiously work to denormalise and outlaw their freedom of choice – is a just a sick joke.

I used to vote for these muppets! Their ‘morals’ (for want of a better word) are diametrically opposite to mine, although this has become far clearer in more recent years.

To me, it was a case of black and white; Labour and Tory; us and them. Of course, now I realise it’s them and them, sharing the same ideas because it’s the same people behind the curtain pulling the strings, against us. The ‘us’ in the equation are truly disregarded and despised and only needed on polling days.

For example, D.P. links to a Guardian article about Labour’s ideas about minimum pricing, etc.,

The Conservative party chairman, Grant Shapps, said: “It’s the same old Labour. They claim they are worried about prices – but want to put up the cost of a drink. Not only would that make a drink after work more expensive, it would hit pubs hard, putting many out of business.

We know that the smoking bans have already done that and that the huge indirect duties with VAT on top on tobacco, alcohol and petrol/diesel affect the poorest the most, but the Tories have exactly the same plan. If memory serves, Cameron’s figure was 45p a unit minimum price. Alex Salmond’s is 50p. Some Labour councilllors in Northumberland got into trouble in 2012 (Salmond’s price hike was supposed to have come into effect in the Spring of 2013, but hasn’t yet) by suggesting that they could profit from this by advertising “booze cruises” by bus obviously, for Scots to benefit from England’s cheaper (but still extortionate) prices.

And to think that some people say Labour are useless at anything to do with economics!

Of course, the Tories and Lib Dems were quick to denounce Labour. Probably because they wish they’d thought of it first.

Some of us have been fortunate in becoming deprogrammed. The smoking ban was the wake-up call for Frank. He then started to notice many other things he disagreed with. For me it was the realisation that the Labour vs Tory Punch and Judy show is just entertainment for the masses to give the illusion of “democracy” and to have reached an age when I can remember many governments and many characters and their promises of better times if we just trust them with our vote, while life seems to have become increasingly difficult regardless of who’s supposedly in charge.

There’s a 5½ month race on for more people to become deprogrammed, because another five years of this will possibly finish us off completely. Like the myriad of difficulties encountered with the possibility of Scottish ‘independence’, e.g. splitting the possessions after the divorce (including our overseas possessions – not sure if Salmond wanted Bermuda, Tristan da Cunha, Pitcairn, or what), the same will eventually be true of trying to separate the UK from Brussels.

Judging by the recent by-election UKIP nearly took from Labour, we could almost be there. But they’ll no doubt revert to type in the general election. It should be worth staying up most of the night for.

As for Ed Miliband. He surely has to go for Labour’s sake. Cameron, I think, will stay, but be very ‘earnestly’ Eurosceptic until he tries to form a new coalition with the SNP, N. Irish parties and the five Lib Dem MPs. Lib Dems are probably past caring who leads them. To see their tiny MP tally for the new parliament should be just one of the highlights.

Next Spring’s general election: last chance saloon for this one-horse country?

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Explaining UKIP’s Popularity

Rise of UKIP graph.

Survation poll for The Mail on Sunday published last month.

Again, Frank Davis has inspired me to put fingers to keyboard, this time with his post about UKIP being a “state of mind“.

When David Cameron begs Labour, LibDem and Green supporters in Rochester and Strood to vote Tory to stop UKIP in this week’s by-election in which the UKIP candidate, former Tory MP, Mark Reckless is expected to retake for his new party, you know the Establishment are fighting for their lives now and that the LibLabCon truly is one party.

Maybe it’s an old joke, but somebody commented,

Desperate Dave reduced to begging for LibLabGreen votes to “stop UKIP”. Somebody should break the news to him that Eton Mess is supposed to be a dessert and not a state of mind!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist in a sexist shirt to explain the reasons for UKIP’s success. Like Frank, once a Liberal and me, once a Labour voter (how I winced typing that), we discovered that we are actually not “progressive” or statist because we value freedom more.

From his quote from the source of his inspiration,

No easy portrait of an average ‘Kipper’ can be drawn. It is the ability of the current mood to unite seemingly disparate groups in support of Ukip that has the established political class perplexed.

From ‘Animal Farm’,

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.

The LibLabCon party doesn’t ‘do’ logic or truth. They are “perplexed” because they have been fooling the people for so long that they have addled their own brains. If some publicly-funded ‘charity’ tells them that two plus two equals 124 then they’ll accept it and demand that we all accept it too or we have arithmophobia (the fear of numbers) and must be re-educated. Schools must teach that “2 + 2 = 124″. Bakers must decorate cakes with “2 + 2 = 124″ or appear in court. We must all celebrate this new arithmetic because the scientists have reached a consensus, like passive smoking is dangerous and climate change will kill us unless we start living like eighth century peasants.

That said, the ones at the top will always know that 2 + 2 =4 just like they know that climate change is largely natural, that SHS is of no consequence, that ‘gay marriage’ is a ridiculous concept, etc.

So, here we have David “Vote UKIP, get Labour” Cameron begging all the other voters, who can’t stand him or his party, to vote for his candidate in this safe Tory seat because the last thing any of the mainstream want to do is risk stopping the cycle of social destruction that, for example, Annabelle describes, above.

It is telling that UKIP’s support is disproportionately from people over forty: those who can remember when this country was a better place to live in, friendlier, more free, more easy-going with fewer regulations and the feel of home, not as part of a grand social re-engineering experiment by demented professors in blood-stained lab coats.

Unfortunately, the younger generations cannot make that comparison from experience, having been mollycoddled from birth, both by overprotective parents and the State. And brainwashed by the media and in schools that everything which carries the ‘equality’, ‘diversity’ or ‘human rights’ label must be virtuous and those who oppose them are dinosaurs, out of touch with reality and plain nasty. They are probably more likely to favour the EU and global government over the nation state because they think it will banish wars and protect the environment. They believe that the sort of people who hold a conference – only to then kick out the public and press – to discuss a global tax which would hugely increase tobacco prices, can be trusted to treat them fairly.

Ironically, we seemed to be a more tolerant country decades ago, before the ‘equality’ brigade started stirring the melting pot. Hardly surprising, as their intention was division. dehumanisation and demoralisation to force our society to collapse under the pressure.

I probably voted tactically in half the elections before turning to UKIP. When I lived in Tory Harrow, for example, I used to vote Lib Dem to try to oust the Tories, to no avail. If I was still a Labour voter and living in Rochester and Strood, I think I would be voting for UKIP to help give the Tories a good drubbing.

But desperate times call for desperate measures and Desperate Dan Dave is making his pathetic plea to try to save the illusions of ‘democracy’ and ‘equality’ and to realise his treasonous dream of a united Europe and a top job therein.

Presumably, as long as our freedoms continue to fly out the window and our country disappears from under us, UKIP will keep on growing and growing and that includes the young, who aren’t as controlled as the government would have liked.

The British Youth Parliament has rejected campaigning for same-sex marriage, after it came bottom in a vote of priorities for 2013.

(Graph borrowed from the Mail Online.)

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The Future?

If you were going to write a novel about what life will be like in the future, what form would it take?

Leg-iron is writing a dystopic novel called “Panoptica”. From time to time he complains that real life keeps catching up with his ideas, which are supposed not to happen until some time in the terrible future.

He has worked out how to make everyone equal in his nightmarish world. He says that the idea behind “diversity” being rammed down our throats constantly is so that the people will accept anything to stop it – and that is true equality, socialist style, where everyone is equally poor and the state owns everything.

He is turning the whole equality and diversity thing around, changing its current role as a divide and conquer device into a unifying force. Interesting. He wrote in reply to me,

I don’t think it’s a turn around. It’s what happens when the ‘divide’ part moves to the ‘conquer’ part.

Of course, real equality (for the proles) is what you get when socialism gets out of hand. Lenin said, “The goal of socialism is communism.” That endgame is becoming clear now after many decades of ‘grooming’ the past few generations without a (noticeable) revolution, although we’ve had revolutions like Women’s Lib, ‘Gay’ Lib., etc.

If Cameron had kept his pre-election promise (hahahaha) to cease pandering to political correctness and stop funding the fake charities and quangos it could have been a reality already. Actually, they need to get to the stage where every last Christian baker will make a “gay wedding” cake for a couple of militant troublemaking stooges. Or more likely, wait until all the laws are in place to deal with the dissenters.

But I think we can already see that we are being re-engineered to be equal in monetary terms (the original equality?). For example, it seems to me that most people are scraping by regardless of their income. Where a couple both work they often have two cars and there might be child-minding expenses, leaving them with next to nothing. At the other end of the normal spectrum are those on the minimum wage topped up with tax credits. Is it just my perception or do many companies think that the minimum wage is the wage now?

I advised Leg-iron to mention the ‘S’ word, if he hasn’t already considered it. I think it will be critical. The UN’s Agenda 21 is about “sustainable development”, which many observers take to mean population reduction. This could be achieved by various means. The other day, I thought that manipulating the price of GM patented seed (and engineering suicide genes to kill the plant before it’s ready for harvesting) could be used to fine-tune the numbers they want to starve to death. Courtesy of The Ministry of Plenty!

Someone else had first bagsies on that term. But unlike ’1984′ rationing won’t do, as killing off the ‘excess’ billions is required, although there might be some rationing, or a half-hearted attempt, just for show and to play with us.

If the proles would only learn what’s really happening then the elites’ influence could be stamped out, but they control the mainstream media so they can keep the majority in the land of ‘bread and circuses’. Until the bread runs out. Leg-iron imagines a world in which all the large countries have been fragmented and further fragmented,

The Highlands will want to separate from the Central Belt in Scotland, the islands are already talking about secession, and so on. The process will repeat in countries all over Europe. The EU will fall and Europe will fragment into tiny kingdoms once again. All run by puppets put in place by the hidden devious rulers.

For his novel, he imagines that these small countries will be involved in well-orchestrated wars to reduce the population. I would say that as food and fuel are likely going to be made to be artificially scarce there will be wars just to keep alive. Not that the next country or region will have much, but we could end up back in the days of ragtag armies pillaging and raping.

Personally, I see the splitting up of countries into regions – all keen to stay in the EU – as a way of making the EU even more powerful and unaccountable (if that is possible). We could see the big countries Balkanise. It is true that something as small as ‘free’ prescriptions in Scotland, Wales and N.I. enrages people in England (although they only seem to blame the Scots). I have seen it online so many times as the main reason for Scottish ‘independence’ being supported by English people. Sometimes, invoking a bit of jealousy is all it takes. The differences between prescription charges and tuition fees are not fair; it’s political shenanigans, but the masses tend to increasing think with their emotions rather than their brains. That’s something else I think we have been trained to do. People’s brains are in their knees now as they are jerked by some engineered situation, like the Muslim families given huge houses in leafy suburbs by their local councils to rattle the cages of everyone else. Like with the prescription charges, people don’t like favouratism. But presumably that would stop in ‘Panoptica’ and only the outer party members (or whatever they’ll be called) will get small extras.

Eventual revolution is inevitable.

It depends on how well the propaganda works. It seemed to be nigh on perfected in ’1984′. For years in the UK, many people have been loving their enslavement. Most people are happy for the State to ‘care’ for them from cradle to grave in return for handing over half their earnings in taxes (not that they necessarily realise this part), even though health and education are now pitiful and pensions a pittance and so on. I imagine in ‘Panoptica’, there might be Soviet-style apartment blocks to cram in the masses?

After I left a comment a few days ago on Underdogs about looking for property in North Korea – joking that soon it will be a beacon of freedom compared to the West – or was I joking? I actually did look, only to find out that housing there is all state-owned, but that there is a growing black market and that includes the sale of houses, but you have to give backhanders to officials.

Yes, there will still be rebels in the future, regardless of the relentless mind control. It’s presumably where some of the story lies. People who can remember when you could smoke in pubs, when there was plenty of food and so much more. All muttered by ‘conspiracy loons’, of course.

The proles will tattle on each other, East German-style. It started, legitimately perhaps, with shopping a drink driver then moved onto reporting benefits cheats.

One final thing. You do believe I’m just making all this up, right?

We are definitely heading for a global socialist government; we’re probably 4/5ths of the way there. We’re definitely going to see major population reduction by one means or another. We are definitely going to feel more like we’re living in a police state as time goes by. There will be a one world religion of Luciferianism camouflaged as something wonderful which the Freemasons have been working on for a couple of centuries – indirectly helped by the Fabians and other far left groups who similarly need to destroy Christianity for their own reasons. The WHO’s first D-G, Brock Chisholm, eugenicist and internationalist, said,

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”

It’s all being taken care of. It started a long time ago. Our traitorous politicians started signing dangerous international treaties decades ago, without a cheep from the natives, because we believed their lies. Their social engineering to weaken national identity, weaken the family and weaken religion has also been very successful.

A little more time and there will only be one worldview – one where the State is seen as an all-loving surrogate parent.

And the few remaining who say differently are ‘conspiracy theorists’ at best and dangerous criminals at worst, but by that time, the proles will practically all be snitches (probably half are already) and the State will have the power to incarcerate dissenters on grounds of mental illness.

And they all lived happily ever after. Not.